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The Trials of Snowshoe Thompson is a game about an immigrant on a skiing expedition across the Sierra Nevada mountains of 1856.  

The game is based on a real-life folk hero who answered an ad to deliver the mail between two remote towns in the Sierras.  From his native Norway, John Thompson brought skiing to the western US and traversed the same route every winter for 20 years.  Our game sees him as a young man searching for purpose on his first journey skiing over the mountains. 

Take control of  Snowshoe Thompson with intricate skiing controls and guide him through the wintery wilderness as he comes to terms with his duties serving the community.


The Trials of Snowshoe Thompson was made in the AGP program at USC in 2020-21. A full list of credits is below.

Director Ben Haderle

Lead Producer KP Glenn

Producer & QA Manager Arreanna Rostosky

Lead Designer Fanfu Shentu

Technical Designer Orson Wu

Lead Narrative Designer & QA Tester Marika Perlmutter

Voice Actor (Snowshoe Thompson) Evan Ivey

Lead Engineer Aidan Takami

Engineer Tyler Amano-Smerling

Engineer Zichang Liu

Engineer Greymon Tang

Engineer April Chang

Lead Sound Designer & Engineer Furkan Kılıçaslan

Sound Designer Graham Southern

Composer Matthew Feder

Trailer Composer Mario Verlangieri

Lead Artist Longkun Yang

Principal Character & Prop Artist Pasan Dharmasena

Character Concept & UI Artist Eddie Marhx-Bolanos

Environment & Lighting Concept Artist Tiffany Kao

Environment Concept & Prop Artist Patrice Nguyen

Environment Prop Artist Nick Vidal

Prop Concept & Environment Artist James Liu

Cinematics Artist Dorian Trinh

Character Animator Mia Andrea

Usability Lead Cole Ordesky

Lead Marketer & QA Tester Stephen Ayres

Associate Marketer Stuart Bryson

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsBen Haderle, Aidan Takami, Fanfu, stephen.ayres, KP Glenn
GenreAction, Simulation
Tags3D, Experimental, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity


Snowshoe Thompson PC Build 610 MB
Version 18 May 10, 2021

Install instructions

- Unzip the download

- Launch SnowshoeThompsonGame.exe


-Please leave a comment or email benhaderle@gmail.com if you have issues running the game.


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Deleted post

Highly recommend!

Had I not been selected as an AGP Director, this is the game I probably would have worked on.

The core movement mechanic is novel, yet intuitive, and feels great.

Congrats to Ben and the team :)

thanks Sterling :):)